Tuesday, February 6, 2018


i'm rarely a fan of anime but these 2 short animes, totally my cup of tea.
it just leave you hanging with so much thoughts and emotions after watching it.
alot of "why" and "what if" going through my head.

can i just live in such dreamy life?

Friday, December 29, 2017


2017 was another hella of a year.
it has been a year full of "dramas" and decisions.

at least i would think that i did well for 2017.
(excluding the exercising and keeping fit part. LOL)

- i took a leap of faith and left my job (which btw was the reason behind my hives)
- i finally enrolled myself to do MBA (partially motivated the fact that I'm hitting 30 soon).
- i chose not to be too harsh on myself and decided to let go of the past and moved on.
- i cut my hair real short and totally loving it.
- i visited Europe for the first time!

i yearn for better self development.
i wanna learn to give my mind a little break.
(i just can't seem to focus and can't stop to worry about the unnecessary)
i wanna complete my masters!!!

ok, gotta spend my New Year in Taiwan!
managed to fulfill my 2017's resolution at the very last minute, spending the countdown abroad.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


sometimes i've got so much thoughts on my mind that i think i'm gonna go crazy soon.

how do i stay focused huh?
how can i stop myself from thinking the unnecessary?

Friday, December 8, 2017

Oh the Jolly!

the month to get all the fun, gifts, food and gathering.
oh, in other words, alot of spending.

yeah and 2017 is ending so quickly that i'm barely even breathing.
spouting nonsense at 1:56pm on a Friday afternoon.

Saturday, November 11, 2017


the cold air from the dawn just seemed so familiar.
i could hear birds chirping out there, loud heavy vehicles on the road getting to work...

it's 6am and my mum just came in to see if i need breakfast.

i never FAILED to skip bedtime whenever i'm rushing assignment at the very last minute.
last minute = 1 day before deadline.
i'm the pro in procrastination.
how can someone be that lazy?

jiu don't aim for perfection lah, aim for pass.
think so much for what..........................

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Good Old Days

just like the "good" old days when i was dreading to meet assignment deadlines.
with the constant (and excessive) worrying and getting no work done at most of the time.
only having to burn midnight oil, DAYS BEFORE the deadline.

no entertainment, no sleep, no life.
(ok lah, i lazed or napped more than more because reading is really mentally draining..)

the only difference between then (~early twenties) and now is that I enforced more discipline in myself.
i "started" working on it earlier and forced me to step outta house, staying in the library for hours.
maybe because this is my first time doing business studies which is why i think i may need more time.
kinda miss how comfortable i was reading on Science articles...

i cannot imagine the final thesis of 15,000 word count.
worse still, i'm worried that it will clash with work schedule.

for 2 assignments 
(time management failed! cause i spent WEEKS on the 1st assignment. now i've got no time for the other 2 which i havent START AT ALL)

Monday, October 16, 2017


the last time i was fretting over assignment deadlines was probably 7 years ago.
the need of having to search and read journal articles so as to rephrase and not PLAGARISE.


back then i had so much privacy, peace and all i had to do is just do attend tutorials and do assignments.
plus i got to have peer pressure from my roommates which kinda served as a mean of "motivation".


all i do is probably spend an hour reading and another hour getting distracted.
the only thing that i'm doing good is refraining myself from playing my games.

it has been like.....
a month since I've last played a game on my PC?
so gonna reward myself one new game once i'm done with it.

as i'm typing this, i had only realized that it's October.
in other words, 2-3 months to 2018!?!

ok gotta stop here.
am having important stuff to attend to for at least the next 2 days.