Tuesday, March 28, 2017


from an afternoon saga which escalated quickly into a feverish situation.
managed to be the last patient of the clinic and got myself a day off to rest.

i think i need more nutrients......

Thursday, February 16, 2017

By choice





Sunday, February 12, 2017


i could barely remember the last time i had some rest.
kinda hectic even before CNY.

i even had gone 48hrs without a shower, 36hrs with minimal sleep.
as you may expect, i would be knocked out after that right?

after sending my parents off at 3am, i kinda overslept the next morning for our lunch reunion.
then followed by 10 straight hours of playing over at my cousin's place.
now it's almost 2am and i'm SO CLOSE in getting down with a flu.

don't wanna get burnt out so quickly that soon!


you know that kind of anguish when the person whom you've always thought to be, turned out to be a huge disappointment?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happy Happy New Year!

this year i was particularly looking forward to it, as though it was marking a start of something new.
i even made the effort to go get new clothes and changed everything i could.

as usual, our reunion dinner happened in a hotel but this year's buffet turned out really good.
CNY was more or less about reunion dinner, visiting my grandparents and most importantly our yearly affairs.

Our yearly affairs with our cousins.
we usually gamble or play throughout the night on CNY.
this year turned out really fun.

not only our youngest cousin is slightly old enough to get really cheeky and active with us, but we changed to playing a board game instead of mahjong.
moreover my elder cousin has recently been engaged and his wife joined us.

it is quite unbelievable that we have been playing together since we were young.
and nothing has changed.
the board games got us so hooked up and we're going back for 2nd and 3rd round of meetups.

and shucks, tomorrow is the first day of work.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


it's been a week and a half since i've not consumed any sugared food.
sweets, chocolate, sugared drinks.

it is an everyday struggle for me, especially during my lunch hour.
with this scorching weather, a cup of iced sweet drink will be perfect.
but my colleague's words kept ringing in my head, "it's only the first week of 2017 and you already want to break your resolution".

i swear, this saying has a HUGE impact on me.
not because she's forcing me or anything, but it made sense.
Don't I even have that little determination or discipline to keep myself away from sugared food, for at least a month (before CNY)?

i'm not a very disciplined person, so this achievement will actually mean something to me.
thus i'm quite motivated to achieve that and hoping to see a difference in my health/lifestyle.

i'm not getting any younger and don't wish to regret for what i have or have not done in the later part of my life.
i want a life that is meaningful.
as of now, i'm really focused in setting my career path.
nothing else is to distract me.


(In the process of re-watching her taiwanese drama and this song caught my attention.)

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Amber Light

Unfortunately, my health seems to be deteriorating at a significant rate.
Apart from my chronic allergy problem, I'm getting frequent migraines/tension headaches, sensitive digestive system and weak immune system.
I start having coughs and frequent food poisonings.
Oh god.

I'll need to turn to TCM soon.

Oh, it's my first week of avoiding sugar food/drinks.
One way of turning my health around.

And I'm guessing stress and emotions DO affect one's immunity.
Gotta learn to stop thinking so much and worrying about the unnecessary.

Ok, felt so much better after throwing up a whole lot of stuff (even though I barely had much for today)
Need to cut down on my time looking at electronic gadgets, which may be one of the reason why I would get headaches.

Sunday, January 1, 2017



As I didn't blog a lot in the year 2016, it didn't take my very long to retrieve my 2016 resolutions.

2016, i'm hoping to not care so much about how people look at me.
i would like to be myself and it'll be good if people accept and respect it.
(Yeah, still working on it.)

2016, not to be so affected by people's emotions. if people care, they won't hurt you.
they would put themselves in others' shoes and think before they get emotional.
(Not sure what made me write this but hey! i actually shut myself off in order to be not affected by people's emotions. Not sure if it's a good thing.)

2016, be more motivated and settle into my job. Or at least make sure i end 2016 with great job satisfaction.
(Hahah wow. i got kinda settled despite all the ongoing dramas)

2016, rather than be really focused in earning money or achieving success, give myself more time to enjoy life before it passes by quickly.
(*coughs* well, at least i took time off to go travel and YOLO in 2016)

2016, i'll be 27. time to think about what's gonna happen when i hit 30.
(Kinda sorted this out.)

2016, get more sleep.

Ok, for 2017.
1. To watch what I eat. 
As age is catching up, i'm starting to get sick easily with what i eat/drink. =/

2. To love myself more.
Gotta stop stressing over things I can't change, otherwise i'm getting all these unnecessary tension headaches

3. To get rid of toxins
By exercising? Eat healthily?

I'm beginning to fall in love with Japan and i should travel alone some time this year.
And I'm starting to return to gaming and GOSH I NEED MORE TIME TO GAME.