Saturday, November 11, 2017


the cold air from the dawn just seemed so familiar.
i could hear birds chirping out there, loud heavy vehicles on the road getting to work...

it's 6am and my mum just came in to see if i need breakfast.

i never FAILED to skip bedtime whenever i'm rushing assignment at the very last minute.
last minute = 1 day before deadline.
i'm the pro in procrastination.
how can someone be that lazy?

jiu don't aim for perfection lah, aim for pass.
think so much for what..........................

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Good Old Days

just like the "good" old days when i was dreading to meet assignment deadlines.
with the constant (and excessive) worrying and getting no work done at most of the time.
only having to burn midnight oil, DAYS BEFORE the deadline.

no entertainment, no sleep, no life.
(ok lah, i lazed or napped more than more because reading is really mentally draining..)

the only difference between then (~early twenties) and now is that I enforced more discipline in myself.
i "started" working on it earlier and forced me to step outta house, staying in the library for hours.
maybe because this is my first time doing business studies which is why i think i may need more time.
kinda miss how comfortable i was reading on Science articles...

i cannot imagine the final thesis of 15,000 word count.
worse still, i'm worried that it will clash with work schedule.

for 2 assignments 
(time management failed! cause i spent WEEKS on the 1st assignment. now i've got no time for the other 2 which i havent START AT ALL)

Monday, October 16, 2017


the last time i was fretting over assignment deadlines was probably 7 years ago.
the need of having to search and read journal articles so as to rephrase and not PLAGARISE.


back then i had so much privacy, peace and all i had to do is just do attend tutorials and do assignments.
plus i got to have peer pressure from my roommates which kinda served as a mean of "motivation".


all i do is probably spend an hour reading and another hour getting distracted.
the only thing that i'm doing good is refraining myself from playing my games.

it has been like.....
a month since I've last played a game on my PC?
so gonna reward myself one new game once i'm done with it.

as i'm typing this, i had only realized that it's October.
in other words, 2-3 months to 2018!?!

ok gotta stop here.
am having important stuff to attend to for at least the next 2 days.

Friday, October 6, 2017


geez, i could barely stop and rest.
anyway, it has caught my attention that I've been seeing words and reading them wrongly in my head.

as far as i can remember, words such as "tokyo" became "toyota" and "bar" became "bra".
Is it that I'm reading too fast or i'm getting mild dyslexia?


oh.i'm eating alot recently and kept getting hungry during odd hours.
I've been "snacking" past 10pm, usually an hour before my bedtime.
can't be that my body has  accustomed to the eating schedules in Spain.......
plus, it isn't the time of the month......
so i'm guessing it's the increased amount of energy i spent on studying.

then i realized how much amount of energy i need to replenish through sleeping and eating while i study.
*Undergraduate flasback*

what a nightmare, it always scares me thinking how often i had to stay up to complete assignments.
Because i will spend 90% of the time "structuring" assignments in my head and 10% of the time executing it.
thus, i was always staying up till dawn to complete the assignment.

P.S i'm really undisciplined too. i get distracted WAY TOO EASILY.

Thursday, September 28, 2017


this year has been really drastic.
there were a couple of decisions made to get myself out of my comfort zones.
well, seem to be fitting in... (i think)

after meeting a couple of friends whom i occassionally catch up with, made me realized that sometimes people whom we least thought would last, last.

i actually felt a little guilty for not treating them better in the past.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


guess it's official.
now i gotta allocate more time to reading.
i'm actually excited to be a student once again.

i know it's sick to think that way.

side note, i guess my body is trying to adjust to local time.
i get really hungry during midnight and can only sleep after 3am.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


the overwhelming feel whenever i check out the dark, vast sky.
there's something about it that always soothes me.

did i belong up there in my previous life?

i always wanna write here but it's a "chore" for me to write on my laptop.
a pity blogger developers aint giving a shit about updating their mobile app version.
they pretty much abandoned it and it got so unstable that i can't blog on the go.

thought about migrating platforms but i've got close to a thousand posts here and tons of memories.
i'm waiting to re-visit those posts and reminisce those  memories when i'm like really old.
like close to deathbed or something.
at least i won't so afraid to leave the world.

ok. back to my Netflix.